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Título : Nurturing entrepreneurs, creating enterprises : technology business incubation in USA, Brazil and Argentina
Autor : Vilan, Diego
Fecha de publicación : 2000
Editor: Universidad de San Andrés. Escuela de Administración y Negocios
Resumen : "Technology Business incubation (TBI) is at the convergence of two global tendencias: the increasing economic importance of technology and the consequent rise of a new breed of techno-entrepreneurs that can manage the challenges imposed by it. The present work seeks to analyze and describe the technology incubation process, trying to identify the process’s most critical stages. In such a way, this study understands that the screening stage is the fundamental stage, and it is this perception shall be regarded as the project’s main hypothesis. The employed methodology included the study of three countrie’s experiences in the field: Argentina, Brazil and USA. A qualitative approach was pursued with both Latin American countries, performing on site interviews with local incubator’s managers. A more quantitative approach was used to include the U.S. market, basically using a closed on line questionnaire, which was answered optionally by NBIA’s registered members. The obtained results suggest that the screening stage may actually be regarded as the most important, as well as outlining other fundamental issues such as: 1. TBI usually develop strong bonds with government agencies 2. TBI usually develop alliances with academia or research centers 3. TBI usually have multiple financiar sponsors This work main contribution lies in its reconstruction of the incubation process; the analysis of a technology incubator’s needs, the description of the screening stage multiple phases and employed criteria, the explanation of the business models used by incubators, as well as the comparison of the incubation practices in different countries."
Descripción : Fil: Vilan, Diego. Universidad de San Andrés. Escuela de Administración y Negocios; Argentina.
URI : http://hdl.handle.net/10908/12047
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