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dic-1991"Deadlock" societies, the allocation of time and growth performance--
mar-1996High inflation : resource misallocations and growth effects--
abr-1996Instituciones y resultados fiscales--
jun-1996When does it take a Nixon to go to China?--
nov-1999A principal-agent building block for the study of decentralization and integrationTommasi, Mariano; Weinschelbaum, FedericoDecentralization in government -- Decision making -- Mathematical models; International economic integration -- Decision making -- Mathematical models
dic-1999What is the right level? : a principal-agent building block for the study of decentralization and integration--
2000The Institutional Foundations of Public Policy: A Transactions Approach with Application to ArgentinaSpiller, Pablo T.; Tommasi, MarianoPublic administration -- Research -- Argentina; Institutional economics
2001Fiscal federalism in Argentina : policies, politics, and institutional reform--
2001The institutional foundations of public policy : a transactions approach with application to Argentina--
mar-2001Comments on Dani Rodrik’s ‘Why is There So Much Economic Insecurity in Latin America?’Tenreyro, Silvana; Tommasi, MarianoRodrik, Dani -- Why is there so much economic insecurity in Latin America?; Economic security -- Latin America
abr-2001Political regimes, instability and economic growth--
mar-2002Fiscal Rules for Subnational GovernmentsBraun, Miguel; Tommasi, MarianoIntergovernmental fiscal relations -- Latin America; Fiscal policy -- Latin America; Decentralization in government -- Latin America
may-2002Federalism in Argentina and the Reforms of the 1990sTommasi, MarianoFiscal policy -- Argentina; Intergovernmental fiscal relations -- Argentina; Argentina -- Politics and government -- 1983-2002
jun-2002Crisis, Political Institutions, and Policy Reform. It is not the Policy, it is the Polity, StupidTommasi, MarianoArgentina -- Economic policy; Argentina -- Politics and government -- 1983-2002; Policy sciences
jul-2003Political Institutions, Policymaking Processes, and Policy Outcomes. An Intertemporal Transactions FrameworkTommasi, Mariano; Stein, ErnestoPolitical planning -- Mathematical models; Political planning -- Argentina -- Mathematical models; Policy sciences -- Mathematical models; Institutional economics
ago-2003Intergovernmental Transfers and Fiscal Behavior: Insurance versus Aggregate DisciplineSanguinetti, Pablo; Tommasi, MarianoIntergovernmental fiscal relations -- Mathematical models
mar-2004The institutions of regulation: An application to public utilitiesSpiller, Pablo T.; Tommasi, MarianoPolitical planning; Institutional economics
abr-2004Principal-Agent Contracts under the Threat of InsuranceTommasi, Mariano; Weinschelbaum, FedericoInsurance -- Mathematical models; Risk (Insurance) -- Mathematical models; Executives -- Salaries, etc. -- Mathematical models
jun-2004Judicial Lobbying: The Politics of Labor LawIaryczower, Matias; Spiller, Pablo T.; Tommasi, MarianoPolitical questions and judicial power -- Argentina -- Mathematical models; Judicial process -- Argentina -- Mathematical models; Labor laws and legislation -- Political aspects -- Argentina -- Mathematical models
nov-2005The Institutional Foundations of Public PolicyTommasi, MarianoPolitical planning -- Latin America; Public administration -- Latin America -- Decision making; Latin America -- Politics and government -- 1980-