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Título : Essays on Experimental Economics
Autor : Anauati, María Victoria
Palabras clave : Experimental economics -- Case studies.
Collective behavior -- Econometric models.
Science -- Study and teaching -- Argentina -- Econometric models.
Economics literature -- Publishing -- Econometric models.
Economía experimental -- Casos de estudio.
Conducta colectiva -- Modelos econométricos.
Ciencia -- Enseñanza -- Argentina -- Modelos econométricos.
Literatura económica -- Edición -- Modelos econométricos.
Fecha de publicación : may-2018
Editor: Universidad de San Andrés. Departamento de Economía
Resumen : This doctoral thesis consists of three empirical essays that have in common the use of robust research designs to test the hypothesis set out in each chapter. The first chapter uses a randomized controlled trial in a laboratory environment to test the comparative statics predictions of a new approach to collective action games based on the method of stability sets. The second chapter uses a field randomized controlled trial to estimate the learning impact and cost-effectiveness of two different teacher training methods, the structured curricula and coaching, in state schools of Argentina. Finally, the third chapter uses the insights of Big Data to analyze a large dataset that combines information on more than 9,500 articles published in the top five economic journals with detailed yearly citation data obtained from Google Scholar. This chapter quantifies one dimension of economic research not addressed previously, namely, the extent to which life cycles of economic research articles differs across research fields.
Descripción : Fil: Anauati, María Victoria. Universidad de San Andrés. Departamento de Economía; Argentina.
URI : http://hdl.handle.net/10908/16698
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