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Título : Intergenerational conflict and international risk sharing
Autor : Gonzalez-Eiras, Martín
Fecha de publicación : sep-2010
Editor: Universidad de San Andrés. Departamento de Economía
Relación : Documento de trabajo (Universidad de San Andrés. Departamento de Economía);106
Resumen : Existing models of foreign debt and insurance capacityas sume that the costs and benefits of default are evenlydistributed across agents in the defaulting country. To studyho w tensions among different groups inside a countryaffect its sovereign risk management I consider an economyw hose agents differ in their life spans. This makes the cost and benefits of default to be different across generations. The countryis able to come up with a positive level of insurance bylink ing intergenerational transfers to the default decision of its citizens. This results is found both for the case of a Ramseyplanner who cares for all present and future generations, and when decisions are taken by majorityv ote among living generations.
Descripción : Fil: Gonzalez-Eiras, Martín. Universidad de San Andrés. Departamento de Economía; Argentina.
URI : http://hdl.handle.net/10908/11930
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